Ghost Hunting Guide - DIY Ghost Hunters And Hauntings

Ghost hunters are usually normal people with normal jobs who have banded together with other people of similar interests. With the popularity of ghost hunting shows it is starting to become a rather common hobby as more people want to investigate the unusual or paranormal. You can usually find a local ghost hunters group or paranormal group by doing a search online.

Ghosts are more likely to be found in older buildings. Older buildings tend to have a "history".

Why do ghosts exist? It could be a lingering spirit that did not want to move on, or in many cases a tragic or violent event somehow triggered and event where the spirit is stuck. No one really knows for sure.

Ghosts come in many forms spirits, entities, plasmas, poltergeists, malevolent entities, shadow people, orbs, and mist just to name a few and are sometimes captures on film or digital cameras. Many hauntings are residual in nature as if a recorder is playing over and over and there is no interaction between the observer or the ghost. If there is interactions you know have an intelligent haunting.

In some cases during ghost hunting an EVP is captured or recorded onto a cassette tape or digital recorder. An EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are considered to be voices from the other side and sometimes appear to be interacting or residual.

How do you know that a place may be haunted? There are many signs. Here are just a few tips that a haunting may be in progress.

Doors slamming or chairs or furniture moving.

Objects move or disappear to show up somewhere or personal items are very common.

Phantom odors or sweet or putrid odors with no obvious or natural cause.

Objects moving out of the corner of your eye or dark shadows, mists or orbs.

Feeling of being watched or followed.

Unexplained cold spots where there are no drafts.

Pets acting strange such as your dog watching an activity in a room or barking into the dark.

Whispering or your name called out and your dog notices when no one else is around.

Footsteps or knocking especially at specific or random times.

Feeling of being touched or pushed.

Devices or lights randomly come on or turn off with no explanation.

Batteries drain quickly on camcorders or voice recorders. Spirits sometimes need energy to manifest.

Many other strange events could occur but that is a list of the more common ones that ghost hunters will be investigating.

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