Ghost Hunting Equipment Guide

Ghost hunting has been a popular activity since the 1800. However, now there is an array of different ghost hunting equipment available for investigators to use. This guide will teach you about the different types of equipment ghost hunters use and how they work.

Video Cameras - One of the most valuable pieces of equipment for a ghost hunter. The video camera can capture fluid video of ghost, items moving, and other paranormal phenomena. Video cameras have been known have their battery drained during investigations, which some ghost hunters believe to be the cause of a ghost attempting to manifest itself.

Camera - Probably the simplest piece of equipment for a ghost hunter. Ghosthunters have used both cameras for ages, capturing countless images of apparitions, orbs, and other activity. Oftentimes ghosts or other paranormal activity can't be seen until the picture is examined at a later time.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Detector - EMF Detectors are devices which measure the electromagnetic emissions in the air. While any electrical device can give off an electromagnetic field, most ghost hunters believe a ghost gives off a high reading.

If you plan to investigate using an EMF Detector, you must first get a thorough reading of the room, carefully taking note of the electrical outlets and devices (these also give off electromagnetic fields). A reading of anything over 2.0 could be paranormal and noted.

IR (Infrared) Thermometer - The IR Thermometer is a great piece of equipment for any ghost hunter. It was designed to measure the surface temperature of an object. When ghost manifest themselves often they will emit a heat signature which the IR Thermometer can pick up on. There has been IR evidence of human-like heat signatures on beds, or chairs, when no one was around.

Audio Recorders - Ghost hunters use both tape and digital recorders in an attempt to catch an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). EVP's are the capture of ghost voices on the recorder device which are usually not heard at the time of the taping.

Many eerie EVP's have been captured in the past, including voices, babies crying, and children laughing. A quick search on the Internet can provide you with more hours of EVP's than could fill your day.

If you plan to be serious about ghost hunting, you will need the right equipment, and know how to use it. Be safe and happy hunting!

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