The History Behind Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting followed a renewed interest in spiritualism caused by two young girls that claimed to speak with a dead peddler. Forty years later one revealed that the noises heard during his "presence" were fake, but by that time, such a resurgence of interest occurred that no one cared. The first group that devoted it's time to the search for disembodied souls was a society devoted to ghosts at Cambridge University in 1851. London's Ghost Club started 11 years later. These pioneers provided the beginnings for today's avid ghost hunters.

There are really only three forms of ghost hunting:

The first uses psychic methods to make contacts. Sensitive's walk through a home and make communication with the ghost or go into a trance. Others may use Ouija boards or other channelling tools to make contact.

The second type of ghost hunter uses something known as "ghost buster" tools. These can consist of Infrared cameras, tape recorders and energy measurement tools like the electromagnetic field meter. Pictures of orbs, ectoplasm and spirits represent their proof.

The third type of ghost hunting uses the scientific method. They gather all data and evidence of a haunting and search for normal, natural scientific explanations. If they can find none, then these investigators look to the paranormal for answers.

In their introduction to ghost hunting, The American Ghost Society tells the future ghost hunter's that some of the cases that they investigate are frauds and pranks perpetrated to make the ghost hunter look foolish. Other cases without merit are people that, out of fear, mental illness or some other reason, mistakenly believe that their house is haunted. These ghost hunters search for the truth and understand that the scientific community does not accept their work but make it their duty to find evidence of true hauntings.

Most ghost hunters seek the adventure of the unknown or simply want answers to age-old questions. Some, however, are more dubious and their desire is for personal fame. With the fame and claims of ghost hunting come the fat cheques for the books they authored, or ironically, had authored by ghost-writers. Television guest appearances and movie contracts add to the bounty. These types of ghost hunters usually have spectacular stories, later debunked by further investigation. The public seldom learns of the misinformation and prefers the gripping tale told originally.

The unfortunate effect of the professional attention seeker is that true ghost hunters receive not only a bad name, but further dismissal from the scientific community. Most impassioned ghost hunters want substantial proof that what they believe they experience while hunting spectre was real. The stories aren't spectacular but interesting and as any good ghost story, they can send a chill up your spine.

Across the world, people have the opportunity to join the ghost hunters by paying a small fee to joining a ghostly walking tour of haunted areas. Many times ghost hunters lead these tours and give important historical information as well as relaying stories of ghost sightings at the sites that they have visited.

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Ghost Hunting Guide - DIY Ghost Hunters And Hauntings

Ghost hunters are usually normal people with normal jobs who have banded together with other people of similar interests. With the popularity of ghost hunting shows it is starting to become a rather common hobby as more people want to investigate the unusual or paranormal. You can usually find a local ghost hunters group or paranormal group by doing a search online.

Ghosts are more likely to be found in older buildings. Older buildings tend to have a "history".

Why do ghosts exist? It could be a lingering spirit that did not want to move on, or in many cases a tragic or violent event somehow triggered and event where the spirit is stuck. No one really knows for sure.

Ghosts come in many forms spirits, entities, plasmas, poltergeists, malevolent entities, shadow people, orbs, and mist just to name a few and are sometimes captures on film or digital cameras. Many hauntings are residual in nature as if a recorder is playing over and over and there is no interaction between the observer or the ghost. If there is interactions you know have an intelligent haunting.

In some cases during ghost hunting an EVP is captured or recorded onto a cassette tape or digital recorder. An EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These are considered to be voices from the other side and sometimes appear to be interacting or residual.

How do you know that a place may be haunted? There are many signs. Here are just a few tips that a haunting may be in progress.

Doors slamming or chairs or furniture moving.

Objects move or disappear to show up somewhere or personal items are very common.

Phantom odors or sweet or putrid odors with no obvious or natural cause.

Objects moving out of the corner of your eye or dark shadows, mists or orbs.

Feeling of being watched or followed.

Unexplained cold spots where there are no drafts.

Pets acting strange such as your dog watching an activity in a room or barking into the dark.

Whispering or your name called out and your dog notices when no one else is around.

Footsteps or knocking especially at specific or random times.

Feeling of being touched or pushed.

Devices or lights randomly come on or turn off with no explanation.

Batteries drain quickly on camcorders or voice recorders. Spirits sometimes need energy to manifest.

Many other strange events could occur but that is a list of the more common ones that ghost hunters will be investigating.

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Ghost Hunting Equipment Guide

Ghost hunting has been a popular activity since the 1800. However, now there is an array of different ghost hunting equipment available for investigators to use. This guide will teach you about the different types of equipment ghost hunters use and how they work.

Video Cameras - One of the most valuable pieces of equipment for a ghost hunter. The video camera can capture fluid video of ghost, items moving, and other paranormal phenomena. Video cameras have been known have their battery drained during investigations, which some ghost hunters believe to be the cause of a ghost attempting to manifest itself.

Camera - Probably the simplest piece of equipment for a ghost hunter. Ghosthunters have used both cameras for ages, capturing countless images of apparitions, orbs, and other activity. Oftentimes ghosts or other paranormal activity can't be seen until the picture is examined at a later time.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Detector - EMF Detectors are devices which measure the electromagnetic emissions in the air. While any electrical device can give off an electromagnetic field, most ghost hunters believe a ghost gives off a high reading.

If you plan to investigate using an EMF Detector, you must first get a thorough reading of the room, carefully taking note of the electrical outlets and devices (these also give off electromagnetic fields). A reading of anything over 2.0 could be paranormal and noted.

IR (Infrared) Thermometer - The IR Thermometer is a great piece of equipment for any ghost hunter. It was designed to measure the surface temperature of an object. When ghost manifest themselves often they will emit a heat signature which the IR Thermometer can pick up on. There has been IR evidence of human-like heat signatures on beds, or chairs, when no one was around.

Audio Recorders - Ghost hunters use both tape and digital recorders in an attempt to catch an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). EVP's are the capture of ghost voices on the recorder device which are usually not heard at the time of the taping.

Many eerie EVP's have been captured in the past, including voices, babies crying, and children laughing. A quick search on the Internet can provide you with more hours of EVP's than could fill your day.

If you plan to be serious about ghost hunting, you will need the right equipment, and know how to use it. Be safe and happy hunting!

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Ghost Hunting on Halloween Night

Ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are becoming increasingly popular with amateur ghost hunters, in part due to the easy access of information on the internet and current television shows about hauntings. Since the spirit of Halloween revolves around the souls of the dead returning to earth to haunt the living, Halloween night is considering a "prime time" for hunting ghosts. It's an annual right of passage for both amateur and professional ghost hunters to be out in full gear that night.

Ghost Hunt - going to a location that may or may not be haunted and trying to capture them on film (video and/or photos). A graveyard late at night is the number one place to start.

Ghost Investigation - going to a known haunted place and recording data (video, photos, audio and temperatures), taking notes, interviews and other evidence to prove/disprove the haunting and existence of ghosts.

For many the quest is to seek out allegedly haunted locations, authenticate evidence of ghosts, do research and conduct investigations into paranormal activity. Among ghost hunters, some are also devotees of urban exploration, a growing hobby where enthusiasts venture into abandoned structures such as hospitals, asylums, and sanatoriums. The more experienced hunters investigate and document reports of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity; where as many of the amateur ghost hunters are just out to have fun.

The definition of a "haunting" is a recurring presence of a ghost, demon, or similar supernatural being at a specific place. Old houses, hotels, restaurants, pubs, prisons, cemeteries and graveyards are the most common haunted places. Belief in hauntings and ghosts spans the world and is recorded throughout history in legends and ghost stories.

There are five primary types of hauntings:

Intelligent - may be a ghost or demon. The entity is aware of its surroundings, including living people who may be present.

Residual - the entity does not seem to be aware of any living beings and performs the same repetitive act (often the reenactment of a tragic event).

Benevolent - a ghost that seeks to help or protect the living sometimes from an evil spirit.

Malevolent - ghost or demon that seeks to inflict harm on the living.

Benign - entity that is either unconcerned about the living or unaware of their presence.

What better time of year than Halloween to check out some of the "hauntings" in your neck of the woods! Whether you're a more experienced paranormal investigator or just out for a night of ghost hunting, the souls of the dead are waiting for you on Halloween night. Good luck and happy haunting!

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